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New Build Basement Tanking and Waterproofing

new build basement tanking, waterproofing a new basement by damp proofing specialists

Tanking a new build basement? Looking for waterproofing professionals?

Conifer are specialists in damp proofing and waterproofing methods and technology for both new build and existing basements. There are a number of tanking treatments available depending on the structure of the basement or cellar to be waterproofed. These solutions may include internal and/or external systems.

Internal Tanking can take the form of waterproofing slurry or a cavity drain membrane system. These can used to protect new-build basements as well as older cellars, due to their unique waterproofing properties. Tanking can also take place externally and may be combined with an internal system in order to provide a dual protection to the basement structure.

External Tanking is applied to the outer face of the basement walls. The Outwing Case in 1999 ruled that this should comprise of two layers: Type A Tanking Takes the form of a structural waterproofing barrier like Vandex BB75 for example and is bonded to the wall; Type C Tanking is a drainage membrane, such as Oldroyd GTx Membrane, added to the outside of the building to add a second layer of defense against water ingress but also to protect the main Waterproofing barrier.

Each basement is of course unique and there will be different solutions available which are appropriate to the type and construction of the property, its location and purpose.

If you would like to discuss new build basement tanking call our team of basement experts on 0800 001 4213.

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