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Damp Proofing January 2010 Blog

Welcome to our blog! For more please visit:

We are a property improvement company specialising in damp proofing, basement and cellar conversions, barn and loft conversions and similar.

The reason for our blog is to reach out to people who either have a problem with damp in the home, or simply wish to improve their home by turning a disused basement or loft into something special like a home gym, home cinema, home office, games room, etc!

It is common knowledge now that damp can cause repsiratory illnesses and affect health in myriad ways, so it is our duty as we see it to offer our service to as wide an audience as possible. As we serve Shropshire, Powys, Gwynedd, Ceredigion and parts of Cheshire, the very rural nature of much of this district makes it difficult for people to know about us and to get help with their requirements. We have therefore compiled a list of some of the counties, towns and villages that we cover in the hope that this will help people find us so that we may help them; in alphabetical order, please see below:

Gwynedd, Powys, Shropshire, Merioneth, Ceredigion, Cheshire - Abcott, Abdon, Aber Cowarch, Aber Cywarch, Aberangell, Aberbechan, Abercegir, Aberdovey, Aberffrwd, Abergeirw, Abergynolwyn, Aberhafesp, Aberhosan, Aberllefenni, Abermagwr, Abermule, Aberystwyth, Acton, Acton Burnell, Acton Pigott, Acton Reynold, Acton Scott, Adcote, Adderley, Adeney, Adfa, Adforton, Adleymoor, Admaston, Adney, Affcot, Agden, Alberbury, Albrightlee, Albrighton, Alcaston, Alderton, Aldon, Alkington, All Stretton, Allscott, Almington, Anchor, Annscroft, Apley, Arddleen, Argoed, Arlescot, Arleston, Arscott, Arthog, Ash, Ash Magno, Ash Parva, Ashford, Ashley, Ashley Heath, Asterley, Asterton, Astley, Astol, Aston, Aston Munslow, Aston-on-Clun, Atcham, Atterley, Attingham, Audley Brow, Aychley, Babbinswood, Bache, Bagley, Bagley Marsh Banc-y-Darren, Banks Head, Barkers Green, Barleycorn, Barmouth, Barrow, Barton, Baschurch, Basford, Batchcote, Battlefield, Baucott, Bausley, Bayston Hill Beambridge, Bearstone, Beckbury, Beckjay, Bedwas, Belan, Benthal, Benthall, Bentlawnt, Berriew, Berrington, Berwick, Berwyn, Besford, Besford Wood, Beslow Bethania, Bettisfield, Betton, Betton Moss, Betton Strange, Betton Wood, Bettws, Bettws Cedewain, Bettws Cedewen, Bettws-y-Crwyn, Beveley, Bickerton, Bickley Bickley Moss, Bickley Town, Bickley Wood, Bicton, Bicton Heath, Big Arowry, Birtley, Bishops Castle, Bishops Moat, Blackbridge, Blaenpennal, Blaenplwyf, Blakeley, Bletchley, Bloomsbury, Blore Heath, Blue Bell, Blymhill, Blymhill Common, Blymhill Lawn, Blymhill Marsh, Bolas Heath, Bomere Heath, Bont Dolgadfan, Bontddu, Bontgoch, Bontnewydd, Booley, Boreatton, Boreton, Borth, Bouldon, Bourton, Bourton Westwood, Bow Street, Bowbrook, Bradeley Green, Braden Heath, Bradley, Bradley Common, Bradley Green, Brandhill, Bratton, Bridge, Bridges, Brineton, Britannia, Brithdir, Broad Oak, Broadstone, Broad ward, Brockhurst, Brockton, Brodder, Brogbeach, Brogyntyn, Bromlow, Brompton, Bromstead, Bromstead Common, Bronant, Broncroft, Bronington, Bronygarth, Brookhampton, Brooks, Brookside, Broome, Broomfields, Broomhall, Broseley, Broseley Wood, Broughall, Brown Heath, Brown Moss, Brownhill, Brownhills, Brownsbrook, Brunant, Brunslow, Bryn, Bryn Cain, Bryncrug, Brynllugan, Brynmawr, Brynore, Bryn-y-Cochin, Bucknell, Buckton, Buildwas, Bulkeley, Bulthy, Buntingsdale, Bunyions Lye, Burcot, Burgedin, Burley, Burleydam, Burlington, Burlington Pool, Burlton, Burwood, Bushmoor, Buttington, Bwlch-y-Cibau, Bwlch-y-Ddar, Bwlch-y-Ffridd, Cabin, Cae Capel, Caegoody Lane, Caerhowel, Caerhowell, Caersws, Calcott, Caldicot, Caldy, Callaughton, Calverhall, Calvington, Candy, Cantlop, Capel Bangor, Capel Dewi, Capel Madog, Capel Seion, Cardeston, Cardington, Cardington Moor, Carno, Carreghofa, Castle Caereinion, Castle Pulverbatch, Caynton, Cefn, Cefn Canol, Cefn Coch, Cefn Einion, Cefn Mawr, Cefn-y-Faenor, Ceinws, Cemmaes, Cemmaes Road, Chadwell, Charlton, Chatwall, Chavel, Chelmick, Cheney Hill, Cheney Longville, Cherrington, Cheswardine, Cheswell, Chetwynd, Chetwynd Aston, Chetwynd Firs, Chidlow, Childs Ercall, Chipnall, Chirbury, Cholmondeley, Chorlton, Choulton, Church Aston, Church Moor, Church Preen, Church Pulverbatch, Church Stoke, Church Stretton, Clarach, Clatter, Clee St Margaret, Clive, Cloddiau, Cluddley, Clun, Clunbury, Clungunford, Clunton, Cnwch Coch, Coalbrookdale, Coalmoor, Coalport, Cockshutford, Cockshutford Clee St, Margaret, Cockshutt, Coedway, Coed-y-Dinas, Coed-y-Go, Coed-yr-Allt, Coed-yr-Allt St Martins, Cold Hatton, Cold Weston, Colebatch, Colehurst, Colemere, Colesty, Coley, Combermere, Comins Coch, Com ley, Commins, Commins Coch, Common Wood, Condover, Conquer Moor, Coptiviney, Corfton, Corfton Bache, Corris, Cosford, Coston, Colon, Cotwall, Cound, Cound Moor, Crackley Bank, Craigllwyn, Craven Arms, Creamore, Cressage, Crew Green, Crickheath, Crickmerry, Criftins, Criggion, Croesau Bach, Cronkhill, Crosemere, Cross Green, Cross Hill, Cross Houses, Cross Inn, Crosspipes, Crossways, Crosswood, Crows Nest, Croxton, Croxton Green, Cruckmeole, Cruckton, Crudgington, Cuddington, Cumbers, Cwm Cewydd, Cwm Golau, Cwm Head, Cwmbelan, Cwmdale, Cwmerfyn, Cwmllecoediog, Cwmllinau, Cwmlline, Cwmrheidol, Cwmsymlog, Cwmystwyth, Cyfronydd, Cymdu, Darliston, Darowen, Dawley, Dawley Bank, Daywell, Decker Hill, Derwenlas, Devils Bridge, Diddlebury, Diglake, Dinas, Dinas Mawddwy, Dinbren, Dinchope, Dinthill, Ditherington, Dolanog, Dolfor, Dolgellau, Dolwen, Dol-y-Bont, Donnington, Donnington Wood, Dorrington, Doseley, Dovaston, Dovey Junction, Drws y Nant, Dryton, Duckington, Dudleston, Dudleston Heath, Duxmoor, Dyffryn Ardudwy, Dyffryn Paith, Dylife, Eardiston, East Wall, Easthope, Easthope Wood, Eastwick, Eaton, Eaton Constantine, Eaton Mascott, Eaton-on-Tern, Eaton-under-Heywood, Ebnal, Edge, Edgebold, Edgebolton, Edgeley, Edgerley, Edgmond, Edgton, Edstaston, Efail-Rhyd, Egerton, Eglwys Cross, Eglwyseg, Eglwysfach, Elbridge, Ellerdine, Ellerdine Heath, Ellerton, Ellesmere, Elson, Emstrey, Enchmarsh, English Frankton, Ensdon, Ercall Heath, Etsell, Evelith, Evenwood, Eyton, Eyton on Severn, Fairbourne, Fairfield, Farley, Fauls, Felhampton, Felindre, Felingerrig, Felton Butler, Fenemere, Fenns Bank, Ffair Rhos, Ffriddgate, Field Aston, Figyn, Flashbrook, Foel, Ford, Ford Heath, Ford en, Forge, Forton, Four Alls, Four Crosses, Frankton, Friog, Frochas, Frodesley, Fron, Fron Bache, Froncysyllte, Furnace, Gadlas, Ganllwyd, Garmston, Garth, Garthmyl, Gotten, Geuffordd, Gilberries Lane, Glandyfi, Glanwern, Glan-y-Nant, Glanywern, Glas Pwll, Glentworth, Glyn Ceiriog, Glyn-Brochan, Gobowen, Goginan, Goldcliffe, Golding, Goldstone, Golfa, Gonsal, Gorsey Bank, Graf ton, Great Solas, Great Chatwell, Great Lyth, Great Ness, Gredington, Greenhill, Gretton, Grimmer, Grimpo, Grindle, Grindle Forge, Grindley Brook, Grinshill, Groesllwyd, Groes-Pluen, Gronwen, Guilsfield, Gulley Green, Gungrog, Gwern-y-Brenin, Habberley, Hadley, Hadnall, Hales, Halford, Halfway House, Halghton, Hamner, Hamperley, Hampton, Hampton Beech, Hampton Green, Hampton Wood, Hanmer, Hanwood, Hardwick, Harley, Harmer Hill, Harnage, Harrington, Harton, Hatton, Hatton Common, Haughmond, Haughton, Haughton Hill, Haughton Village, Haven Hills, Heath, Heath Common, Heath Hill, Heathwaen, Heldre, Hemford, Hempmill Brook, Hengoed, Henley Common, Henlle, Hetherson Green, Hetherstone Green, Higford, High Ercall, High Hatton, High Heath, Higher Barnes, Higher Heath, Higher Perthy, Higher Wych, Highfields, Hightrees, Hill Top, Hillfield, Hodnet, Hogstow, Holdgate, Hollinwood, Hollyhurst, Homer, Honnington, Hoo, Hookagate, Hookgate, Hope, Hope Bowdler, Hopesay, Hopesgate, Hopton, Hopton Castle, Hopton Heath, Horderley, Hordley, Horsehay, Horsemans Green, Horton, Howie, Hughley, Hungerford, Huntington, Hyssington, Ifton Heath, Islawrdref, Isombridge, Jackfield, Kemberton, Kempton, Kemsey, Kenley, Kenwick Springs, Kerry, Ketley, Ketley Bank, Kidnal, Kilkewydd, Kilsall, Kingsland, Kingswood, Kinley, Kinnerley, Kinnersley, Kinton, Knighton, Knockin, Knockin Heath, Kynaston, Kynnersley, La con, Larkton, Lawley, Leaton Knolls, Lee, Lee Bridge, Lee Brockhurst, Leebotwood, Leegomery, Leigh, Leighton, Leintwardine, Lightmoor, Lightwoods, Lillehurst, Lilleshall, Linley, Lipley, Little Arowry, Little Bolas, Little Brockton, Little Chadwell, Little Dawley, Little Ensdon, Little Hales, Little Minsterley, Little Mosterley, Little Ness, Little Plealey, Little Soudley, Little Stretton, Llanafan, Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog, Llanbadarn Fawr, Llanbedr, Llanbrook, Llanbrynmair, Llancynfelyn, Llandanwg, Llanddeiniol, Llanddewi Brefi, Llandinam, Llandre, Llandrinio, Llandysilio, Llandyssil, Llanegryn, Llanelltyd, Llanerchydol, Llanerfyl, Llanfachreth, Llanfair Caereinion, Llanfarian, Llanfechain, Llanfihangel, Llanfihangel y Pennant, Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn, Llanforda, Llanfyllin, Llangyniew, Llangynog, Llanidloes, Llanilar, Llanon, Llanrhaeadrym Mochnant, Llanrhystud, Llansantffraid, Llansilin, Llantysilio, Llanwddyn, Llanwnog, Llanwrin, Llanwyddelan, Llanyblodwel, Llanymawddwy, Llanymynech, Llawnt, Llawr-y-Glyn, Lledrod, Llidiartywaun, Llwyn, Llwynderw, Llwyngwril, Llwynmawr, Llwynygroes, Llwyn-y-Maen, Llynclys, Hilton Bank, Hindford, Hinkshay, Hinnington, Hinstock, Hinton, Hirnant, Ifton Heath St Martins, Ightfield, Ightfield Heath, Inwood, Iron Bridge, Ironbridge, Iscoyd, Lawley Bank, Lawley Furnaces, Lawley Village, Lea Cross, Leamoor Common, Leasty, Leaton, Little Wenlock, Little Worth, Little Worthen, Little Wytheford, Llaithddu, Llan, Llanaber, Llangadfan, Llangawsai, Llangedwyn, Llangeitho, Llangollen, Llangurig, Llangwyryfon, Lockley Wood, Loggerheads, Long Lane, Long Mynd, Long Waste, Longden, Longden Common, Longdon-upon-Tern, Longford, Longford Turning, Longmeadow End, Longmynd, Longnor, Longslow, Longswood, Longville, Loppington, Lordstone, Lostford, Lovesgrove, Lower Attchley, Lower Barnes, Lower Beighterton, Lower Down, Lower Emstrey, Lower Frankton, Lower Haven Hills, Lower Hopton, Lower Longwood, Lower Millichope, Lower Pulley, Lower Sutton, Lower Upton, Lower Walton, Lower Wych, Lydbury North, Lydham, Lyneal, Lynn, Lyth Bank, Lythwood, Machen, Machynlleth, Madeley, Maengwynedd, Maes Mawr, Maesbrook, Maesbury, Maesbury Marsh, Maesfen, Mainstone, Malehurst, Malinslee, Mallwyd, Malpas, Manafon, Manor, Marbury, Marchamley, Marcharnley Wood, Mardu, Market Drayton, Marlow, Marsh Green, Marshbrook, Morton, Mayfields, Meadowcroft, Meadowtown, Meeson, Meifod, Melin-Byrhedyn, Melinddol, Melverley, Meole Brace, Mereside, Meretown, Merrington, Merston, Mickley, Middlehope, Middleton, Middletown, Mile Bank, Milford, Millichope, Minn Bank, Minsterley, Minton, Mochdre, Mocktree, Moelfre, Moelygarth, Montford, Montford Bridge, Montgomery, Moorhead, Morda, More, Moreton, Moreton Corbet, Moreton Mill, Moreton Say, Moreton Wood, Morfa Mawddach, Morrey, Morton, Moston, Moston Pool, Much Wenlock, Mucklestone, Mucklestone Wood, Muckleton, Munslow, Murphys Lane, Muxton, Myddle, Myddle Wood, Myndtown, Mytton, Naird Lane, Nantmawr, Nant-y-Caws, Nantyr, Napley, Napley Heath, Neachley, Nebo, IMedge Hill, Ness Strange, Nesscliffe, Netley, New Cross, New Hall, New Mills, New Street Lane, New Works, Newbridge, Newcastle, Newchapel, IMewdale, Newington, Newnes, Newport, Newport - Somerton, Newton, Newtown, Nobold, Nobridge, Nomans Heath, Noneley, Norbury, Norbury Common, North Litchfield, Northwood, Norton, Norton-in-Hales, Nox, Oakengates, Oakley, Oakley Folly, Oakwood, Oathills, Old Church Stoke, Old Hall, Old Morton, Old Racecourse, Old Shorthill, Old Springs, Old Woodhouses, Old Woods, Oldcastle, Oldfields, Ollerton, Ollerton Post, Onibury, Onslow, Orslow, Osbaston, Osmere, Oswestry, Oteley, Outwoods, Overdale, Overley, Overton Common, Paddol Green, Padmore, Painsbrook, Painters Green, Pandy, Pant, Pant Glas, Pantmawr, Pantperthog, Pave Lane, Peaton, Peatswood, Pecknall, Pedairffordd, Pedlars Rest, Pell Wall, Penegoes, Penglais, Penhelig, Penmaenpool, Pennal, Pennant, Pennerley, Pennyrush, Penparcau, Penrhos, Penrhyncoch, Pensarn, Penstrowed, Pentervin, Pentre, Pentre Clawdd, Pentre Llifior, Pentre Pant, Pentre St Martins, Pentrebeirdd, Pentrecoed, Pentredwr, Pentrefelin, Pentrest Martins, Penuwch, Pen-y-Bont, Penybontfawr, Penybryn, Penybryn St Martins, Pen-y-Garnedd, Penylan, Penyranchor, Peplow, Perkins Beach, Perry Cutter, Petton, Picklescott, Pickstock, Pinfold, Pipe Gate, Pisgah, Pitchford, Plaish, Plassey, Platt Lane, Plealey, Plowden, Pont Robert, Pontcysyllte, Pontdolgoch, Ponterwyd, Pontesbury, Pontesford, Pontfadog, Pontrhydfendigaid, Pontrhydygroes, Pool Head, Pool Quay, Porth-y-Waen, Posenhall, Postons, Potford, Powis Castle, Poynton, Pradoe, Preens Eddy, Prees, Prees Green, Prees Heath, Preesgweene, Prescott, Presthope, Preston, Preston Brockhurst, Preston Gubbals, Preston Montford, Priest Weston, Priorslee, Prolly Moor, Puleston, Pulley, Pulverbatch, Purlogue, Purslow, Queens Head, Quina Brook, Quinta, Quoisley, Quoisley Bridge, Racecourse, Radbrook, Radbrook Green, Ragdon, Ratlinghope, Reabrook, Red Bull, Red Lake, Redbrook Maelor, Redhill, Rednal, Revel, Rhallt, Rhewl, Rhiews, Rhiwbwys, Rhiwlas, Rhos Common, Rhoslefain, Rhoswiel, Rhosygadfa, Rhydycroesau, Rhydyfelin, Rhydymain, Ridgewardine, Roden, Rodington, Rodway, Rosehill, Round Oak, Roundthorn, Rowton, Ruckley, Rudgewood, Rue Wood, Rushbury, Rushmoor, Rushton, Ruyton Moss, Ruyton Xi Towns, Rye Bank, Ryton, Sambrook, Sandford, Sandyford, Sandyhill, Sarn, Sarnau, Sascott, Sawmills, Seifton, Seifton Batch, Selattyn, Seven Wells, Shawbank, Shawbury, Sheep Bridge, Sheinton, Shelderton, Shelton, Shelve, Sheriffhales, Shifnal, Shipton, Shirlett, Shirlowe, Shocklach, Shorthill, Shotatton, Showell, Shrawardine, Shray Hill, Shrewsbury, Sibdon, Sidney, Sidway, Sleap, Sleapford, Smethcote, Smethcott, Snailbeach, Snead, Snedshill, Sodylt, Somerwood, Soudley, Soulton, Southgate, Sparbridge, Spoonley, Spring Village, St Georges, St Martins, Standford Bridge, Stanford, Stanton, Stanton Long, Stanton upon Hine Heath, Stanwardine, Stanway, Stapleton, Staylittle, Steel Heath, Stiperstones, Stirchley, Stockton, Stoke Heath, Stoke on Tern, Stokesay, Stoney Stretton, Strefford, Stretton Heath, Stretton Westwood, Styche, Sugden, Sunnymead, Sunnyside, Sutton, Sutton Common, Sutton Heath, Sutton Hill, Sutton Maddock, Sutton Wood, Sweeney, Sweet Lake, Swyddffynnon, Sychtyn, Tabor, Tafolwern, Tal y Llyn, Talerddig, Taliesin, Tallarn Green, Talybont, Talywern, Tan Hinon, Tankerville, Tedsmore, Telford, Telford Central, Tern, Tern Hill, Terrick, Tetchill, Tetchill Moor, The Balmer, The Bog, The Brow, The Cadney, The Cop, The Crimps, The Cross, The Dean, The Firs, The Fish, The Gardens, The Corn, The Harbour, The Harebutts, The Hem, The Home, The Moor Town, The Perthy, The Ridge, The Rock, The Spout, The Trench, The Upper Wyke, The Wyke, Threapwood, Tibberton, Ticklerton, Tiddycross, Tilley, Tilley Village, Tilstock, Tilston, Tilston Green, Tittenley, Toddings, Tonfanau, Tong, Tong Forge, Tong Havana, Tong Norton, Totterton, Tref Ar Clawdd, Trefechan, Trefeglwys, Trefenter, Treflach, Trefnant, Trefonen, Tregaron, Tregeiriog, Tregynon, Trehelig, Trelydan, Trelystan, Trench, Treowen, Tre-r-Ddol, Trethomas, Treverward, Trevor, Trewen, Trewern, Trisant, Troedyrallt, Tugford, Turfmoor, Tushingham, Twemlows, Twitchen, Twyford, Tybroughton, Tylwch, Tynreithyn, Tynygraig, Tyrley, Tywyn, Ucheldre, Uckington, Uffington, Upper Astley, Upper Battlefield, Upper Berwick, Upper Corris, Upper Cound, Upper Millichope, Upper Sarnau, Upper Walton, Uppington, Upton Magna, Valeswood, Van, Vauxhall, Vernolds Common, Wagbeach, Walcot, Walford, Walford Heath, Walkmills, Wall-under-Heywood, Walton, Wappenshall, Warton, Waterloo, Waters Upton, Waterwheel, Wattlesborough, Waunfawr, Waymills, Webscott, Weirbrook, Wellington, Welsh End, Welsh Frankton, Welshampton, Welshpool, Wem, Wenlock Edge, Wentnor, Wern, Wern-Ddu, West Felton, Westbury, Westhope, Westley, Weston, Weston Heath, Weston Lullingfields, Weston Rhyn, Weston-Jones, Weston-under-Lizard, Wet more, Wettleton, Weymouth, Wheat Leasows, Wheathall, Wheathill, Whettleton, Whitchurch, Whitchurch (Salop), Whitcot, Whitcott Keysett, Whitemere, Whitewell, Whitley, Whittingslow, Whittington, Whitton, Whitty Tree, Whixall, Wigland, Wigland Bank, Wigmarsh, Wigwig, Wilbrighton, Wilcott, Wilcott Camp, Wilderley, Wilkesley, Willaston, Willey, Willington, Willoughbridge, Willstone, Winnington, Wirswall, Wistanstow, Wistanswick, Withington, Wollaston, Wollerton, Wolverley, Wolverton, Woodbatch, Woodcote, Woodcote Hill, Woodhill, Woodlands, Woodseaves, Woodside, Woolascott, Woolstaston, Woolston, Wootton, Worthen, Wrekin, Wrekin Course, Wrentnall, Wrockwardine, Wrockwardine Wood, Wroxeter, Wychough, Wyke, Wykey, Wytheford, Yeaton, Yeaton Peverey, Ynyslas, Yockleton, Yorton, Yorton Heath, Ysbyty Ystwyth, Ystrad Meurig Ystumtuen.

If we missed anyone, we apologise! If you are near any of these areas and are not mentioned please feel free to contact us @

As this is our first blog we thought we had better introduce the company first so that we can focus on what we actually do going forward; please try not to nod at this point - we will be talking about damp proofing and basement conversions soon!

About us: Conifer are a small, local, family run business who take pride in both the quality of our work and also in the reliable service we provide to our customers. For us, returning all phone calls and emails and turning up when we say we will, is a matter of pride and principle! For damp proofing prices, why not call us for a FREE, COMPETITIVE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTE! Make the most of, and add value to your home. Contact details @

2010 has started with a bang we are pleased to say! Enquiries are coming in rapidly and after an exhausting 2009, where we were working 7 days most weeks from July to December, we are very happy that the work is continuing. Indeed it is a very positive sign for everyone that things are picking up at last and we applaud everyone who has kept fighting through the last 18 months in the teeth of the British media, who never want to say anything positive! It is also nice to know that people like what we do! So a special thank you for all of our customers - you know who you are!

We shall attempt to keep this blog up to date with details of our work and any structural problems we overcome which may help our readers. We may even find some pictures out too.

Hope to see you again soon,
Conifer Team.

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