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February 2018 Insulative Properties of Damp Proofing Membrane

Damp proofing membrane - insulation, Oldroyd damp proofing membrane, cavity drain membrane, membrane damp proof course, Oldroyd membrane, damp problems, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales

Did you know that, as well as creating a barrier of protection against damp, Oldroyd damp proofing membrane also provides a level of insulation?

This can help meet Building Regulations standards for insulation without compromising character or wall thickness. When the original plaster is removed, for example, and Oldroyd cavity drain membrane installed with 15mm plasterboard applied, this gives a total wall thickness of 243mm compared with the original 233mm. If the air layer is unventilated there is a reduction in U-value from the previous 2.09 to 1.49 W/m2 K. There is a benefit from both the cavity membrane and the plasterboard. (*information from Safeguard Europe Ltd)

Case study: Conifer Damp Proofing recently installed a membrane damp proofing to a commercial property near Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. Building Regulations had specified that the wall cavity must be insulated to a thickness of 100mm. Due to the reduction in U-value and increased energy efficiency provided by the Oldroyd cavity drain membrane installation, the owners were able to reduce the insulation requirements by 50mm (values calculated by local Building Regs office), saving them a great deal of inconvenience and, of course, money!

Talk to Conifer today to find out how we can solve your damp problems and make life easier and healthier! Call 01650 531 694 or visit the website at

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