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March 2018 Blog: Dryzone Dryrod Damp Proof Course Installation

Dryzone Dry Rods installers

Salutations! It's fair to say that most of our damp proofing work tends to be with tanking membranes but we have used Dryzone Damp Proof Course Injection Cream for many years on projects involving straight forward, honest to goodness, rising damp; particularly in internal brick walls where there is no danger of penetrating dampness at higher levels.

In the last year or so however, we have pretty much switched to installing Dryzone Dry Rods (Dryrod). These essentially deliver the same product into the wall but the quantity is always exactly right every time. They are also a lot less messy to use than the Dryzone Cream and applicator gun - things move on...

On the face of it they are a little more expensive than the cream but with virtually zero waste and exact usage there probably isn't much in it at the end of the day. From our perspective, there really is little possibility of human error with Dryzone Dry Rods, so we know we've got it right at the point of installation.

These little inventions may not seem very exciting but we have installed them in a house where the owner was suffering from damp smells coming from behind skirting boards. Once the Dryzone Dry Rods were installed, as a chemical injection DPC (damp proof course), the skirtings were replaced and, as if by magic, the smells dissipated and have not returned. The Chemistry is very clever and particularly when used with Dryzone Damp Resistant Plaster, it has shown itself to be a reliable system for our customers. The new Dryzone Plasters are also impressive products in terms of their damp proofness and breathability, for more information on these see our Dryzone Damp Resistant Plaster page. The only snag with the plasters is that they are not easy to use as they seem lifeless and heavy. We're sure that any plasterers out there will be nodding their understanding of what we mean by that, if you are not a plasterer we respectfully suggest that you get a professional damp proofing company familiar with these products to undertake your installation.

If you require damp treatment or just a little helpful information, please call us on 0800 001 4213 or email us.

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