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Conifer damp proofing a cottage - built 1750

damp proofing membrane, plaster membrane, Oldroyd membrane - damp proofing, barn conversion, basement conversion
damp proofing membrane, plaster membrane, Oldroyd membrane
click to enlarge image and see damp proofing membrane in use!

This project involved damp proofing the main living areasof a cottage in Shropshire that was built circa 1750 using plaster membrane.

Obviously the customer's main concern was the smell and general effects on health when living in a damp home. Having todecorate the external walls each year due to the paint peeling was also a constant annoyance.

Naturally, a very important secondary concern for the customer was keeping the character and overall appearance of a house built in 1750. Quite rightly, whenpeople buy an old property full of character and quirks they wish to keep it that way. Our specialty, developed over time from our huge experience of working in rural areas as well as towns, coupled withour extensive knowledge of old buildings and reclaimed materials, is in retaining the character of the properties we work on.

As you can see from the 'before' and 'after' shots featured alongside this article, the finished job looks almost identical to the original character of the building. This work completely irradicated all damp smells and effects from the affected areas of the property immediately upon completion!

"After we had tidied away all waste, tools and materials, our work was one tin of emulsion away from being invisible!"

This project utilised Oldroyd Xp Plaster Membrane and Oldroyd self sealing plugs, fixings and tapes. We opted for this damp proofing solution because it allowed us to follow the lines of the existing wall to retain all of its character and shape. Once fitted, this typeofdamp proofing membrane may be plastered onto directly - Once our expert plasterers had finished, we had hidden most of the ugly central heating pipes and left the customer with very tidy walls, completely free of damp and yet indiscernible in shape from the original 250 year old plasterwork!

On this particular project it was possible to tuck the plaster membrane behind the existing DPM in the concrete floor and seal with Oldroyd Fleece Tape. Where this is not possible a small channel is usually dug out of the floor and reinstated after the membrane is fitted.

As stated, Conifer specialise in the damp proofing of stone and 'solid walled' buildings and we have used this technique to great effect on many buildings that would be very difficult to guarantee a water proof finish using more traditional tanking and water proofing methods.

We often use these products for barn conversions and bank houses (built into a hillside) as well as the more usual basement or cellar conversions.

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